Top 11 Best Car Blogs & Automotive Forums

If you love reading and talking about cars with fellow automotive enthusiasts, you need to check out these 11 best automotive blogs/forums. 

I’ve compiled a list of the best sites where you can look into new models coming out, read car reviews, or chat about your dream car with other gearheads.


This website’s full of great car information that includes buying guides, reviews, a long-running podcast, and a way to find a repair shop in your area. The site also features tons of articles on everything from how to get the best rate on car insurance to how to check your spark plugs. 

The CarTalk forum is a place for car lovers to chat and ask questions. If you’re having mechanical issues with any vehicle and ask about it there, you’ll get fast answers, often from many members. The forum is active and full of people ready to offer car help. 

While most of the discussion centers around site members’ specific auto troubles, some topics aim more for general themes. One forum question from 2007 about whether you should name your car still gets replies in 2021.  

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This site claims it obsessively covers the automotive industry. It won’t take you long to realize that’s true. Car reviews, helpful tools for people looking to buy or sell a car, and a car-related news blog fill this long-established website. 

You can choose what’s important to you in a vehicle from things like safety, luxury, or economy to help narrow down which cars would be the best choice. You’ll answer questions about your budget, seating, and other specs to get individualized car recommendations.

If you enjoy reading about the auto industry in general and the laws and regulations that affect it, you should check out autoblog. It’s useful for those looking at reviews who want to buy, and the level of industry knowledge on the site is impressive. 

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Just a Car Guy

The most traditional blog on this list, Just a Car Guy is an old-fashioned Blogger site started in 2006 and still going strong. You won’t find the slick articles and tools that the big news magazine-style sites use, but if you like interesting car news, humor, and oddities, you’ll enjoy the site. 

Posts about the ugliness of the new Batmobile and what it’s okay to shout at bad drivers show up alongside comparisons of older and newer cars of the same model and vintage auto shots. This “spare-time” blog about cars is one of the best automotive blogs for pure entertainment. 

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This UK car forum is part of the PistonHeads site, where users can buy and sell cars through classified listings. The website started in 1998 and has over 1 million members, with hundreds of topics and active threads in the forum. 

Buying and selling are the focus, with over 150,000 classified ads, making it Europe’s largest motoring message board. The forum’s a repository of useful and fascinating car information, advice, and general chat about a shared love of cars. 

The site also contains over 20 years of car review and buying guides, so it’s a great resource for anyone in the UK or someone interested in Europe’s car culture. 

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The motor1 website offers a car buying service and car reviews, but it also has one of the best automotive blogs online under its news section. Updates on new models, comparisons, celebrities’ cars, and general interest pieces make this site one that car lovers should check out. 

The news section features first-drive reviews, interesting paint jobs and modifications, and stories like the one about the 30-year-old Volvo that’s clocked a million miles but still runs like a dream. The site also offers the long-running podcast “Rambling About Cars.” 

If you love car news of all stripes, you’ll enjoy 

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The Autopia car care message boards are one of the biggest car care and detailing forums online. Car detailing is the specific focus of the site, but no matter what interests you about cars, you’ll find topics about it here. 

As is typical at car forums, many users want to diagnose and fix car problems, but this topic gets only one thread. Members can use the Swap Meet forum to trade items. They can also show off their cars and even learn the ropes of professional detailing. 

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The Truth About Cars

If you’re looking for kinder, gentler car blogs, sorry, but you won’t find that kind of fluff at this site. The Truth About Cars prides itself on being unbiased in everything from car reviews to what they think about auto-related headline stories and scandals. 

The website provides product reviews, tips and advice, car videos, editorials, and a blog section that features news and recent events in the car world. 

The reviews and editorial articles can get heated and a little bit raw. For many, that’s a welcome change from car sites that won’t criticize manufacturers or sellers. This site’s one of the first places you’ll read about negative auto-industry news and rumors. 

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Automotive Forums

This 21-year-old website has become one of the biggest car forums, with over 800,000 members and almost 7 million posts. The message board has threads for everything from vehicle makes and models and car problems to fun things like cars in movies.

The forum’s lack of design makes it look like it hasn’t been updated since its creation, but don’t let that stop you. You’ll find something that interests you in one of the over 1 million car-related threads on the site. 

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Smart Car of America Forum

For those who love their smart cars or want to buy one, this is a don’t-miss website. The site started in 2005 and has over 761,000 posts from over 56,000 individual users. 

Members diagnose problems, discuss smart cars in general, and show off their rides. Most smart car news and events get covered thoroughly in forum posts, so people who want to keep up with the industry can follow what’s happening by reading this car forum. 

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Auto Spies

Want to read about the latest car-related conspiracy theories, rumors, or model-design leaks? The Auto Spies car blog is happy to provide those things for you. This car news blog started in 2001 and today has millions of visitors every month. 

The blog covers some unconventional topics, like what celebrities and public figures are saying about the industry. You won’t miss the latest thing Elon Musk says if you check out this blog regularly.

Auto Spies also covers new model announcements, events, and current news about things like oil prices and the government’s role in that. If you’d rather look at gorgeous cars instead, the site has a photo gallery for that, too. 

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Classic Nation

If you love classic cars, this is one of the best automotive blogs exclusively about the topic. The photos of classic models are gorgeous, but the blog also features posts about restoration. In-progress photos show rebuilt cars and the process of bringing old, neglected rides back to life. 

Whether you love looking at the classics or want to see how they’re spiffed up after years on the road, you’ll find something to love here. 

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