Top 10 Best Motorcycle Sites, Blogs & Forums – Information, News and Communities

There are tons of free community boards online to connect you with like-minded individuals if you love bikes. However, a lot of them are mundane or make you jump through hoops to become a member. 

We know how frustrating this can get, especially when you need specific questions answered or general responses. We ventured the internet far and wide to find some of the friendliest, helpful, and user-friendly motorcycle blogs. 

You may be surprised by how much you can learn from interacting with another enthusiast. Many of these blogs feature events, promotions, races, motorcycle advice, and reviews so you can find what you’re looking for all in one place. 

For all things motorcycles, here are the top 10 best motorcycle blogs and forums on the internet.

Motorcycle Forum is where you should go to find more information on the various motorcycle brands. The forum discusses brands including:

  • Harley Davidson 
  • Honda 
  • Suzuki 
  • KTM 
  • Yamaha 
  • BMW

Guests can learn more about performance modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more. The website is straightforward to navigate, and you can search the community forum using the handy search bar at the top. 

This forum is best for enthusiasts with technical questions and who need a quick answer. Bloggers ask various questions and typically see a response within an hour from experts and the community. 

Adventure Bike Rider

Adventure Bike Rider is more of an anything-goes kind of site. The community is for all bike riders, beginner or expert level. 

Upon first visiting the site, it may seem a bit brick and mortar, but the site offers a lot of good information. You can even see how many members are online at the bottom of the page. 

Each topic is broken down into subheadings, including discussions on travel, bikes, ride reports, technical questions, gear, hangouts, and more. 

What’s most helpful about the site is the folder of GPS routes. If you’re a traveling cyclist, you may find this folder the most practical. Other than that, the site is just an excellent go-to for motorcycle enthusiasts who require a community. 

Total Motorcycle

Total Motorcycle is a family-owned blog catered to new bikers. It’s been on the net for the past 22 years, has over 350 million readers, and praises itself as one of the friendliest motorcycle communities on the internet. 

You can start by joining chat rooms with cyclists of similar interests. There’s a forum for women called The Ladies Lounge, a forum strictly for beginning riders and a platform for you to introduce yourself to the community. 

The site usually has around 2000 users online at a time, so make yourself at home. What guests seem to like most about the forum is the Active Topics link that shows you a list of open discussions. It’s a great way to engage with the motorcycle community while also joining in on some of the fun. Some active topics date back to 2007. 


BARF stands for Bay Area Riders Forum, but anyone is welcome to join. Just start by introducing yourself in the Newbie chat. 

This forum is great if you’re looking for discounts on all things motorcycle-related and tips on how to maximize your ride. The site has many sponsors, so feel free to scroll through the list. 

Although the website is very informative, you must be a member to post in their Classified chats. Becoming a member doesn’t seem that hard though, all you need to do is post a certain amount of times for several days. 

The site also has a fun humor section, which shows just how inclusive the community is.

Triumph Motorcycles

For Triumph brand motorcycles, this is the busiest discussion board on the internet. The website includes a marketplace section, builds and project inspiration, dealer and workshop reviews, and upcoming sports events. 

Suppose you’re looking for general information about Triumph bikes. In that case, this is a good forum for you, but it’s equally as helpful if you’re booking for events and recreational activities with your bike. 

The community regularly races and holds sporting events, and you can find more information on their site. You can also check out photos uploaded by users, a list of members, and recent posts. 

Biker Match

Biker Match is excellent if you’re looking to mingle with similar bikers in the UK. You can chat, discuss, and debate everything bike and motorbike-related. 

The site is broken down into helpful categories, including motorcycle events and ride-outs, which is excellent for those looking for their motorcycle gang. Other topics include technical motorbike help, a swap shop to exchange parts, and a forum for birthday wishes. 

This forum is one of the most inclusive motorcycle forums on the net, so be sure to check them out if you want friends. Testimonies show a lot of the members have a real relationship outside of the forum. 

Electric Motorcycle Forum

If you need more information on electric bikes, you may want to check out Electric Motorcycle Forum. You can:

  • Learn more about the makes and models 
  • Learn about the different riding styles 
  • Check out the marketplace 
  • Interact with the electric bike community 

The site even features a link to bike-art inspiration. You’ll find this forum cool because the community is mainly young and pretty hip. 

There are several topics to venture through, so good luck getting through all of them. I like this forum more than others because it’s loaded with information specific to motorbikes, so I know everyone on the site is interested in the same thing. 

Sports Bike

Sports Bikes is a forum dedicated to all sportbike owners and enthusiasts. You can join the discussion about performances, track racing, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more. The community has over 3.5 million posts and over 120,000 members. 

Sports Bikes is a network of bikers who like to ride out and enjoy sporting events with their bikes. Similar to Motorcycle Forum, guests can start by doing a general search in the community search bar. 

The website seems to be pretty straightforward and is based in Canada. You’ll enjoy this forum most because of its simplicity and relatively young following. 

xBHP Forum

For all bike news coming from India, this is the forum for you. You can get real-time updates. A recent post reported Norton Motorcycles has just opened a new global HQ, and another post reported a record-breaking move by motorcycle enthusiast Bajaj Pulsar. 

This forum is the best for cyclists who like to stay updated on what motorists are doing worldwide. Additionally, if you want to travel, this is a good forum for you. The news is international, so that you can get updates on other places outside of India. 

Lastly, this forum may be good for you if you watch amateur promo videos by fellow cycle enthusiasts. 

Reddit Motorcycles

Reddit is already known as being a versatile discussion forum for virtually anything, so it’s no surprise you can find a good community of cyclists on Reddit. 

Motorcycle discussions on Reddit cover topics mainly related to user errors. This site is an excellent one to check out if you run into issues during maintenance. A lot of people use Reddit motorcycles to resolve simple problems that wouldn’t otherwise require professional intervention. 

It’s also an excellent site to check out for updates on motorcycle deals and events. Reddit has a lot of good information on where to search for bike deals on Black Friday and other holidays.  

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