How to Turn Off MyKey Without the Admin Key – MyKey Explanation

The MyKey feature is a key setting on select vehicles from Ford Motor Company for an additional cost with applicable taxes that allows drivers to set up restricted driving modes on a car. These restricted modes are intended to promote good driving habits.

In this article, I’ll tell you all about the Ford MyKey and its connected service. I’ll explain what the MyKey is as a key setting, how it came about in Ford Motor Company history, and how to turn off the Ford MyKey without an admin key.

And if you wonder what an admin key is, I’ll discuss that in the article.

Ford F150 Truck Key MyKey Turn Off

Turning Off MyKey Vehicle Capability Without the Admin Key

We can turn off MyKey without the admin key as long as we have:

  1. Two working keys
  2. The key fob

The admin key is what I’d use to turn off a MyKey or reset it. However, there are ways to turn off the MyKey without the admin key. Starting the car, even the electric models, with a key fob will allow us the same access to the MyKey settings. I could also use the backup slot.

From the MyKey settings, we can clear, reset, or turn off a MyKey-connected service simply by selecting the option to do so.

I can always check the manual for details if there’s any confusion, and asking about a complimentary three-year trial is worth the time it takes.

MyKey Vehicle Capability: An Overview

What’s Ford’s MyKey system? The MyKey vehicle capability setting allows Ford drivers to control their vehicle’s safety settings in all situations using admin privileges, including when they aren’t operating the car.

The MyKey connected service is a great way to help teenage drivers learn to drive safely with a current service. The distraction of a mobile phone can lead to the necessity of MyKey configurable settings.

It can also help illustrate bad driving habits with different family members if necessary for eligible customers.

There are a few different safety features and admin privileges that the MyKey configurable settings can control, including:

  • Vehicle maximum speed
  • Speed reminders
  • Volume limit feature
  • Seatbelt alerts
  • Low fuel or low charge warnings
  • Driver-assist features
  • Adult content restrictions on the radio
  • 911 Assist or Emergency Assist
  • Parking aids
  • Offline navigation
  • Traction control
  • Compatible with select smartphone platforms and cellular networks with network availability
  • Positively affects fuel economy
  • Emergency services settings
  • Alerts for destination changes
  • Navigation service trial

Some of these remote features are part of the default setting on the MyKey vehicle capability, meaning they’re always on regardless. MyKey-connected service users can enable certain additional connected features, but the default settings will always be turned on when MyKey is enabled.

The MyKey-connected service from Ford Motor Company has various settings and admin privileges that allow external control over potentially dangerous situations. There’s no better way to prevent these situations than with the pre-settings available, such as emergency services settings, on MyKey.

Always check coverage limits with something like a MyKey remote transmitter program and the actual price of such a current service.


MyKey Speed Limit Restrictions

One of MyKey’s most helpful connected features is the ability to set speed restrictions on the accelerator pedal on eligible vehicles, saving fuel economy. Using a special kind of technology unique to select vehicles, I can enable speed limit restrictions to help new drivers save on fuel economy and not speed.

Top speed restrictions include:

  • 65 MPH
  • 70 MPH
  • 75 MPH
  • 80 MPH

The speed limit restriction feature includes warning chimes at different speeds as well to help remind drivers when it’s time to slow down:

  • 45 MPH
  • 55 MPH
  • 65 MPH

With these reminder chimes, it’s even easier to help new or bad drivers stay under the speed limit and help save the fuel economy of the Ford Focus.

Ford F150 Truck Key MyKey

Administrator Key

What’s the admin key for MyKey?

The administrator key is the master key to your automobile, such as a Ford Fusion or Ford Co-Pilot360. The admin key allows me to create a MyKey, program a new MyKey, or clear any MyKeys with driver-assist features.

Keeping the admin key separate from all other keys is essential. The admin key is critical for managing the admin privileges of the MyKey-connected service, so keeping it separate and labeled is necessary.

The next question we must ask is: how do I get a Ford Motor Company admin key? If we’ve lost the admin remote or need a new one for any reason, we’ll have to visit a Ford Motor Company service center to get the admin remote replaced.

Because the administrator key requires special programming, only the experts at a Ford service center or Ford store can craft it.

When Did Ford Start Using MyKey Connected Service?

Ford, as a MyKey device maker, began using the MyKey remote feature function system to promote safe driving habits for all drivers, especially teenagers who could be distracted by a mobile phone or other handheld devices. The MyKey came about due to a 2015 study from AAA, showing distraction as the primary cause of most teenage crashes.

In answer to the 2015 study, Ford released the MyKey system to help eliminate distractions, incorporate base vehicle speed minders, and keep teenage drivers safe on the road. The first MyKey was released for the 2009 Ford Taurus model and now works on other models, like the Ford Focus.

Since its first release, the MyKey has become a popular feature for parents looking to maintain vehicular control over their licensed teenagers who use their mobile phones at inopportune moments. Because the system only works on eligible vehicles when MyKey is in the ignition, adults can operate their vehicles without restrictions.

Deactivate MyKey Vehicle Capability

What about those situations when a driver must deactivate MyKey’s functions? How do I deactivate or bypass MyKeys functions on Ford, like a Ford Fusion or Ford Focus?

It’s easy to deactivate the Ford MyKey when necessary. There’s even a way to disable the MyKey without an admin transmitter if from the main menu screen, select settings appear.

To deactivate a MyKey, use the information display controls mounted in the steering wheel column. Start the vehicle with the admin key remote starter and follow these simple instructions to turn off the MyKey settings:

  • Activate the display screen in the vehicle using the push-button start and find the instrument cluster
  • From the main menu screen, select settings with the information display controls using the left arrow buttons
  • After pressing the left-arrow buttons, select the configurable settings menu and click the option for MyKey using the arrow key
  • Choose the option to clear MyKey from the settings menu with the arrow key
  • Click and hold the option to clear MyKey
  • Release when the “All MyKeys Cleared” message appears on the screen

Once all MyKeys are cleared, they’ll no longer function. I can then reprogram a MyKey or set up a new MyKey.

Use the search function with the arrow key to find the configurable settings menu.

Disable MyKey Vehicle Capability Without Admin Key

How do I disable MyKey remote starter without an administrator key? Is there a way to disable the MyKey without an administrator key or remote transmitter?

You can disable MyKey settings without an admin transmitter if you have a key fob or a backup slot. With the key fob, you can access the same information center, instrument cluster, and the MyKey settings to clear any MyKeys that must be deactivated.

Ford Keys MyKey Steering Wheel

Can a Locksmith Reset MyKey?

A locksmith can’t reset a MyKey with a reset button. If you’re having difficulty resetting or clearing a MyKey, you can contact a Ford service center or Ford dealer on your mobile phone. These authorized dealers can talk you through the process or create a new admin key for you if you have misplaced yours.

A locksmith can’t reset a MyKey because they lack access to the same informational resources that someone at an authorized dealer would have. Namely, they don’t have the vehicle information necessary to create a new admin key for a specific Ford.

Generally, the only way to reset MyKeys functions is with two working keys. Even if one isn’t the admin key, there are still ways to reset a MyKey as long as you have other working keys available.

Changing MyKey Settings

Changing restrictions or other MyKey settings is easy, especially if the administrator key is readily available or you have selected smartphone platforms. To change any MyKey settings, follow the step-by-step guide that I’ve compiled below:

  1. Start the vehicle with the admin key using the push button
  2. Navigate to the MyKey menu

Once arriving at the MyKey menu, enabled options and the different connected features available for the MyKey will appear, like offline navigation. From the MyKey settings menu, select the desired components or changing any settings enabled on the key is easy.

After all the necessary or desired changes are made, press the OK button to enable the changes to go into effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s much to be said about the MyKey from Ford. It’s an innovative technology that gives parents more control over their teenage drivers or freshman users.

Now that we know more about the MyKey device capabilities, including various settings and connected features, let’s examine some of the common questions surrounding the MyKey from Ford.

Is SmartKey different from MyKey vehicle capability?

A SmartKey is a remote feature of a key fob that usually comes with a vehicle. SmartKey technology allows drivers to operate a car with an engine start button. The engine start button is a favorite feature for Ford Motor Company.

A SmartKey with an engine start button is different from a MyKey with driver-assist features. However, because SmartKeys are increasingly popular with select vehicles, a MyKey can be a SmartKey. Ford makes many select vehicles that use SmartKeys instead of traditional keys.

SmartKey’s device capabilities include giving drivers and freshman users electronic access to a vehicle. SmartKey can either come with a car or be offered as an upgrade to a standard key. You can always check terms for details or your vehicle warranty for eligible customers.

Does MyKey vehicle capability limit power?

The administrator of a MyKey can control various connected features on select vehicles, including how fast the car may drive.

With top speed restrictions, a MyKey can limit an eligible vehicle’s power and offer warning chimes when drivers reach maximum speed.

Ask Ford Motor Company about a complimentary 90-day trial for eligible customers for complete details.

What is the FORScan program?

The FORScan program is a diagnostic device that works on select vehicles and some other models. The software scanner can help drivers understand if something is wrong with an eligible vehicle, particularly in the engine.

There’s also a FORScan for windows, a FORScan Lite, and board diagnostic options available with the FORScan program.

Can the FORScan program disable MyKey?

Diagnostic devices like the FORScan program for FORScan users shouldn’t disable any MyKey settings that are preset on something like a Ford Focus, but always check terms for details before becoming a FORScan user. If the FORScan program does disable or clear settings on a MyKey, simply reset them through the steps we’ve already taken after the board diagnostic.

What about different model year vehicles?

MyKey-connected services from Ford Motor Company work with multiple different model year vehicles. As long as vehicle maintenance is up to date, different model year vehicles can receive a MyKey for an additional cost.

Visiting a Ford dealer for details is the best way to ensure you have the most current price from the MyKey device maker.

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