Can You Wrap a Leased Car or Put Vinyl Signs on it?

Wrapping is gaining popularity as more owners seek original ways to customize their vehicles. Vinyl wrapping opens up endless possibilities with colors, patterns, lettering, and more.

If you’re currently leasing your vehicle, you might wonder what your options are for customizing it. Can you wrap a leased car?

The good news is that you can vinyl wrap a leased car. If you want to change the color or, in the case of most businesses, advertise your company, a wrap is the best option. Wrapping doesn’t alter or damage the car’s exterior, so it won’t void your lease.

Many Leasing Companies will even wrap the entire vehicle for you before delivery.

Vinyl Wrapping a Leased Car

Why You Might Want to Wrap a Leased Car

Car manufacturers typically offer a limited color selection. Dark gray, white, black, and occasionally red traditionally top the list of most popular car colors. For those who want something more original, wrapping can be a good option. Wrapping also allows for more advanced customization with patterns, designs, and text.

Beyond the fact that customizing your vehicle is fun, there are applications for businesses. Using your vehicle to display your logo and contact information as a contractor can pay off. For fleet owners, it’s crucial to make your vehicles easy to identify with a logo and color scheme.

My last three companies all leased their fleet. They also wrapped all the cars with logos, graphics and phone numbers. It’s a marketing expense for the business, and in many cases, the leasing company worked directly with the vinyl company to deliver the fully wrapped cars.

Can You Wrap a Leased Car?

Can you wrap a leased car? The answer is yes. While most leases include wording that prevents permanent modifications to the vehicle, vinyl wrapping is a temporary modification.

As long as you use a quality wrap over factory paint, you’ll be able to remove the wrap at the end of your lease without damaging the paint.

Is wrapping a leased car illegal? Unless your lease agreement includes wording that specifically prohibits wrapping, it’s not illegal to do so.

However, be careful how much of the car you wrap. There are laws against obstructing your windshield and windows. These laws can vary from one state to another, so check your local laws for clarification.

Applying a protective vinyl car wrap

Can Vinyl Car Wraps Damage the Paint?

The main thing to watch out for when wrapping a leased car is to avoid damaging the factory paint.

Vinyl wraps use adhesive to cling to the vehicle. When the time to remove the wrap comes, a professional can heat the adhesive and peel the wrap off.

During the removal process, factory paint can sometimes chip and peel off. However, it’s easy to prevent this from happening by using a quality vinyl wrap. Low-quality products with cheap adhesives are far more likely to cause damage to the paint.

Can You Apply Vinyl Stickers on a Leased Vehicle?

Yes! Vinyl stickers are a great way to customize a vehicle on a budget. Vinyl decals and stickers are an option for covering portions of a vehicle instead of a full vinyl wrap.

Like a regular vinyl wrap, vinyl decals and stickers use adhesive to stick to the vehicle. You can remove decals and stickers by simply heating the adhesive when your lease comes to an end. There will be no damage to the paint as long as you use quality products.

Can You Customize a Leased Vehicle With Magnetic Signs?

Magnetic signs are a popular option for displaying texts or logos on a car door or the side of a van. Compared to vinyl wraps, they offer a lot less coverage. You’ll also have to display your magnetic sign on a flat surface, while a vinyl wrap can embrace the curves of a vehicle to maximize visibility.

However, a magnetic sign can be a great option if you’re customizing a vehicle on a budget or need something flexible. You can install and remove the sign as needed. This means you can drive a vehicle with your business logo during the workday and remove the sign on weekends.

Vinyl Wrapping a Leased Car Multiple Color Options

Can You Change the Color of a Leased Car?

If you modify the color of your leased vehicle with a new paint job, you’ll have to pay a significant penalty at the end of the lease. The dealership might not let you lease another car since you breached the contract by modifying the vehicle.

Your best option is to use full vinyl vehicle wraps if you want to change the car’s color temporarily. You can easily remove the wrap at the end of your lease term, and the factory paint will look intact.

Much like a high-quality paint job, a full or partial wrap can change the color of your leased car and bring pride and satisfaction (and utility) to the vehicle owner. The best part is that vinyl comes in a greater variety than paint colors and won’t damage your original paint job.

Sounds like this wraps up the discussion!

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