Do Desert Racecars or Trophy Trucks Have Air Conditioning?

One of the most intriguing questions around trophy trucks and desert race cars has to do with air conditioning. Can you really find air conditioning inside these racing vehicles? Here, we will take a look at how drivers cool down when driving these unique racing vehicles. 

Why would you need a/c in an off-road race car?

Trophy Trucks and desert race car drivers can experience temperatures well in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit inside their vehicles. Because of that, the driver needs some sort of cooling system in order to avoid heatstroke. Additionally, driving these race cars is intense, and it can demand a lot from a driver. 

Do trophy trucks have air conditioning?

Trophy trucks do not have a traditional air conditioning system simply because these trucks do not have windows. Therefore, any cold air that blows into the cabin will simply be sucked out of the vehicle. Instead, trophy truck drivers utilize a fresh air system that pumps cool air into the helmet and the race suit of the driver.

Do desert race cars have air conditioning?

Desert race cars do not have air conditioning for the same reason that trophy trucks do not have air conditioning. With a desert race car, there are no windows. Additionally, an air conditioning system’s extra weight will be a drag on the vehicle. The only exception to the rule is a stock class of race trucks that are mildly modified and purchased from a dealer. 

What is the difference between a “fresh air system” and air conditioning?

A fresh air system is a unique piece of racing equipment is designed to blow cool air into the helmet and the racing suit of a driver. An air conditioning system is a set of components that allows cool air to blow into the cabin and is integrated into the vehicle. The fresh air system is integrated into the driver’s racing suit.  

How hot can it get inside a desert race car?

Deserts can reach a temperature as high as 130 Fahrenheit. Inside a desert race car vehicle, a driver can experience temperatures of up to 150 degrees. This can cause the driver to experience heat stroke and pass out within minutes. This is why it is important for these drivers to find a way to stay cool without using a traditional air conditioning system. 

How do race car drivers stay cool?

There are a number of ways that a race car driver will stay cool without the use of traditional air conditioning. First off, the driver will have a light racing suit with not much clothing underneath. This will go a long way to keep the driver’s body cool. 

Second, a race car driver will utilize a fresh air system that will blow cool air into the helmet and into the suit. Finally, the driver will take in cool drinks during a pit stop or they will have some sort of device that will allow them to drink cool water while driving. 

What is a race car driver’s suit made of? 

A racing suit is made of a fabric known as Nomex. This fabric is a synthetic material made by DuPont. It is designed to not holy be lightweight, but it also has fire-resistant properties. Other suits consist of cotton treated with proban.

Do race car drivers drink during a race?

Yes, a race car driver can drink while racing with a device known as a beverage bladder. This device is located behind the driver and allows them to and allows them to take in the drink hands-free. One of the most common beverage bladder brands is CamelBak. 

Also, drivers can get a drink when they pull into the pits. They can end grab a bottle of water or the drink can be administered to them. Finally, if a race is utilizing multiple drivers, the driver who is not behind the wheel can drink some water. 

I recently watched the entire 4-hour in-cab video posted by Jax Redline of the Vegas to Reno with Ken Block. I noticed they weren’t using bladders but were instead using insulated cups with built-in straws. They both occasionally took a sip while driving. 

It was clear that they had hydration as part of their plan because they not only had cup holders, but they both took drinks at every pit stop.

What are some of the most popular desert car and truck races?

You can find desert vehicle races around the world. One of the most famous desert races is the Baja 1000. This race takes place in November and runs over five days on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. This race allows a variety of different vehicles including desert race cars, Trophy trucks, motorcycles, dung buggies, and more. 

Another popular desert race is the Mint 400 also known as the “Great American Car Race.” The Mint 400 is held each year in March and runs from the edge of Las Vegas to the California/Nevada border. This is known as a “loop race” where the drivers begin and end the race in the same spot. The Mint 400 consists of four 104 mile loops during the entire race.

What are the two types of desert races? 

Desert races can either be “point to point” or loop races. A “point to point” race is a race where the vehicle starts at one point and then finishes the race at a second point. A loop race is where the drivers begin and end the race at the same point. 

What are some reasons why you couldn’t have an air conditioner in a race vehicle?

When it comes to racing, you only want to have in the vehicle what you absolutely need to win a race. When it comes to an air conditioning system, you have a piece of equipment that can be a drag on overall power. Also, desert and off-road racers do not have windows. This would make an air conditioner impractical. Finally, an air conditioner can break and the last thing a racing vehicle needs is yet another piece of equipment that can become non-operational during a race. 

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