Off-Road Racing Trucks Explained: Stadium Trucks, TrophyLite & Trophy Trucks

In the world of truck racing, you will find three types of trucks: Stadium Trucks, Trophy Trucks, and TrophyLite Trucks. So what’s the difference between the three? Here, we will example everything that you need to know about Stadium Trucks, Trophy Trucks and TrophyLite trucks. 

What is a Stadium Truck?

A stadium truck is a type of racing truck that is derived from a production model truck. The truck has been modified from the original production truck to be faster and more durable for racing. Some modifications include the addition of a 600 horsepower V-8 engine and several feet of suspension travel. 

Who invented Stadium Super Trucks?

Stadium Super Trucks were invented in 2021 by NASCAR and IndyCar driver Bobby Gordon. The vision of Bobby Gordon was to create a NASCAR version for dirt track and road track truck racing. That means that the trucks have the same engine and similar specs. Stadium Trucks have been racing in organized events since 2014.

Where do they race?

Stadium Super Trucks race primarily in the United States and Australia. In the United States, Stadium Super trucks race in the Speed Energy Stadium Super Truck season. In Australia, Stadium Super Trucks race in the Boost Mobile Super Truck circuit.

Some venues where Stadium Trucks have raced include the Long Beach Street Circuit, Hidden Valley Raceway, and Symmons Plains Raceway. The racing season is split between road and dirt tracks. 

What kind of trucks are Stadium Super Trucks?

Stadium Super Trucks are modified production trucks with Chevy LS V-8 engines. 

What size tires do they have?

Stadium Super Trucks race on DOT-approved 35-inch tires. 

How far do they jump?

A stadium Super Truck can jump as high as 20 to 25 feet in the air. 

What’s the difference between a Stadium Truck and a TrophyLite Truck? 

A Stadium Super Truck is a production truck that races on street and dirt track circuits. TrophyLites Trucks are an open production class that is usually unique one-offs that race in the desert. TrophyLite Trucks are essentially smaller versions of Trophy Trucks that also race in the desert. Also, Stadium Trucks are bigger and more powerful than TrophyLite Trucks.

What is a TrophyLite Truck?

TrophyLite Trucks were invented by the Scaronis family. The family wanted to create a competitive truck racing class for those on a smaller budget. Currently, the TrophyLite Racing program is owed by who currently owned by Rick and Brenda Johnson.

Where do they race?

TrophyLite Trucks race primarily in the deserts of the United States. 

What kind of trucks are in the TrophyLite Series?

TrophyLite trucks are custom build to the same standard. This is to ensure that the trucks fall within the small size and the smaller budget that was intended for the race series. Some top builders of TrophyLite trucks include Mason Motorsport. However, many of the TrophyLite trucks are made by TriphyLilte and are made available for rental. This allows racers and teams with limited budgets to race in the TrophyLite circuit. 

What are the specs of TrophyLite Trucks? 

An approved TrophyLite Truck will be a production, light-duty, two-wheel-drive truck. The chassis drive train and suspension must use TrophyLite approved components. The tire spec on TrophyLite Trucks is 33×12.5OR15.

What is the difference between a Trophy Truck and a TrophyLite truck? 

TrophyLite Trucks are smaller than Trophy Trucks. TrophyLite Trucks are designed to be lighter, less powerful, and more affordable than other racing trucks. 

What is a Trophy Truck?

Trophy Trucks are open production trucks that race primarily in the desert. Unlike TrophyLite Trucks that do not have as many restrictions when it comes to specs, modification, and size. Other names for Trophy Trucks including Baja Trucks, Class 1400 trucks, and trick trucks. 

Who invented Trophy Trucks?

Trophy Trucks were not invented by a single person or organization. Unlike Stadium Trucks or TrophyLite trucks,  there was no single mastermind that created specific perimeters on what makes a Trophy Trucks. 

Where do they race?

Trophy Trucks race primarily in the desert. However, you will also find Trophy Truck races that will take place on a short track. 

Are they all the same?

Because of the open production nature of Trophy Trucks, no two Trophy Trucks will be the same. You will find Trophy Trucks from a bunch of different manufactures. You will also find one-of-a-kind trucks that are built from a number of different other trucks. 

How are they similar to Stadium Trucks or TrophyLite Trucks?

Trophy Trucks are similar to Stadium Trucks in that they are going to be bigger and stronger versions of TrophyLite Trucks. Because there is no set restriction on the size and the power of the trucks, Trophy Trucks can be larger and more powerful than what you find in the TrophyLite Circuit. 

Trophy Trucks are similar to TrophhyLite trucks in that they are both designed for desert racing. 

What is the difference between a Trophy Truck and a Stadium Truck? 

Trophy Trucks are different from Stadium Trucks in that they have fewer restrictions than Stadium Trucks. Stadium Trucks all have the same engine and the same sized tires. There is no such restriction when it comes to Trophy Trucks.

What is the difference between a Trophy Ruck and a TrophyLite Truck? 

The main difference between Trophy Trucks and TrophyLite trucks will be size, power, and overall truck costs. TrophyLIte Trucks are designed for racers and racing teams that are on a budget. There is no such restriction when it comes to Trophy Trucks. 

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