What is Rally Racing – Exploring this Truly Unique Auto Sport

You definitely won’t find any weather delays, ovals, or pace cars in the world of rally racing! In fact, you’ll find 100% real cars that are racing against the clock on sections of real roads, typically unpaved, that have been completely closed off. Rally racing events can usually last for the span of several days in all sorts of weather conditions, such as snow and rain, and can go either day or night. This sort of extreme skill test is exactly what makes rally racing perhaps the most exciting and fastest growing motor sport in all of North America!


Rally racing drivers are considered to be among some of the best in the world. They are required to master virtually every type of weather condition and road surface imaginable, all while maintaining the strength and endurance needed to last the many hours and hundreds of miles that a typical race lasts.


These individuals are the true key to any driver’s success. No rally driver is able to practice a course – in fact, they must rely totally on their co-driver in order to survive. This individual uses a computerized odometer and a route book to help let the driver know exactly what’s ahead on their journey. The route book goes into detail regarding the road itself and various hazards such as trees, cliffs, and more. The co-driver’s instructions help a driver to determine exactly which route is the best to take.


Nine separate events are what makes up the Rally America Championship, and there is always a little mix of everything that goes into it, ranging from Michigan’s ice and snow to Pennsylvania’s smooth and fast gravel. This event typically lasts approximately two days and also features well over 250 miles of road that has been split up into separate transit sections and competitive stages, which contains all sorts of great action including timed sprints that vary in lengths from 5 to 30 miles.


Any good rally racing car is one that is able to reach high speeds and handle itself well on any road surface, no matter what the weather condition may be. They must also make it through hundreds of miles and several days worth of torture. Additionally, rally racing cars must also be completely street legal due to the fact that they have to travel on public roads with other traffic in-between competitive timed sessions. In the Rally America Championship, you will find a car lineup that you can actually purchase from your local dealership, such as Ford, Mitsubishi, and Subaru!


While watching this kind of racing on TV is fun, seeing it in person is even more exciting! Fans are able to line up right near the road, just feet away from all of the sliding and spraying action. Additionally, they can also check out the service areas where the cars are repaired, as well as meet their favorite drivers and touch their favorite cars! Even better? Many tickets are completely free!

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