The Best Places to Buy a Race Car Online

Do you want to own a race car? Maybe you would like to have one but how to get the place or site where race cars are sold is the problem. You may find many used race cars and new ones in various online websites. You can also find race cars at trade shows, on-line auctions, and NASCAR racing teams. However, some of the used race cars are found in mint condition and have minimal racing hours while others will require some service. If you are interested in buying a new or used race car, then here are some of the best websites that you can rely on to purchase a nice race car.

This sites provides various types of Race cars. It also features various tools and equipment’s that can be used to service the specific types of race cars in case is it has broken down. The various kinds of race cars provided on this site include:

Road Race Cars(576): examples of race cars that fall into this category include:

NASA (235),Spec E30 and Spec 3 (11),GTS (38),944 and 986 Spec (2),Honda Challenge (15),Performance Touring (15),Super Touring (33),Super Unlimited (13),Factory Five, Challenge (1),American Iron (36),Camaro Mustang Challenge (3),Spec Z (7),Spec Miata (20),Rally (1),Everything Else (40),Time Attack (22),(FWD) Front Wheel Drive (7),(RWD) Rear Wheel Drive (22),(AWD) All Wheel Drive (2),SCCA (98),BMWCCA (14),ChumpCar (4),LeMONS (5),Porsche Club (23),IMSA/TUDOR (8),Pirelli World Challenge (23).

Drag Race Cars(102): some of the race cars that fall into this category include:

NHRA, IHRA, Drag Race Cars: Everything Else

Circle Track Cars (67): examples of race cars found in this category are Asphalt Circle Track Cars and Dirt Circle Track Cars.

This site also offers various parts and accessories such as braking system parts, fire extinguisher and accessories, engine/drive train accessories among many others.

Racing Junk

This is another online site that sells various kinds of race cars including Road Racers, Drag racers, and Dirt racers. Other type of vehicles you can find on this site include: Muscle cars, Hot Rods, Motor homes, and trailers. They also offers various car parts and accessories that can be used to service this cars.


This is another great online site where you can buy a nice race car. They offer various kinds of race vehicles and their parts and accessories. Some of the race cars in this category include:

Off Road RACE vehicles and their parts; such as Race Bikes and their wheels and tires
Off Road Vehicles; such as off road Bikes, and their off road parts.
Pavement Race Cars such R/C toys, their tools and parts.

This is another online site that sells race cars. The site offers more than just classified ads. It is a very comprehensive marketplace that supports the whole sales process. It is made primarily to suit the needs of the individual seller/owner, and comes with many advantages if you use a broker or an agent since it is relatively lower.
Sales Tools: the site gives only a single point of contact for the buyer and seller, and the point contains all the information that the buyer may need about the race that is available online. This site is also secure as it specializes in protecting the identity and privacy of individuals with high net worth.
The offers a variety of race cars including: Zink C-4, sunbeam tiger race cart, Triumph TR4a 1990 National SCCA Winner!, Van Diemen RF76 among many others. It also offers various parts and accessories that are used in servicing this cars.
Other sites where you can get used race cars include:

eBay Motors- at eBay Motors you can easily get used race cars. You only have to search for the model and the make that you want. Some of their cars include: Super Rod Chevy Vega, a Chevy Nova Drag Car or a Merlin Vintage MK.

Auto Trader Classics- this is another online site that sell race cars. The race cars available here include: Plymouth Barracuda, Alfa Romeo Giulia, and the Shelby Cobra.

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