Top 7 Best Motorcycle Magazines – Information, News & Features

 If you’re an avid motorcycle fan, you need to check out these 7 best motorcycle information magazines. Whether you’re into road racing, touring, or the mechanics of a well-built bike, there is a magazine out there that can give you the latest news and the best tips for successful rides.


Motorcyclist wears the crown as America’s oldest motorcycle magazine and, as far as I’m concerned, is top among the best motorcycle information magazines. It’s been around since June of 1912 and has been a go-to source for motorcycle industry news, prices, and more. They have been an online-only magazine since 2019, offering tons of quality motorcycle content for free. 

For an online-only publication, I will say they don’t have the smoothest user interface. The website can be difficult to navigate at times. However, the information provided here is top-notch. The editorial staff provides in-depth reviews and analyses of new and upcoming bikes that are particularly fun to read. 

In addition, Motorcyclist covers new and used bikes, riding gear, the mechanics of bikes, and more. People new to riding will enjoy their buyer’s guides, and long-time riders will get a kick out of the extra videos, podcasts, and photos that fill the website. 

You can learn more about Motorcyclist and their content by visiting their Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube pages. 

Rider Magazine 

Since 1974, Rider Magazine has been bringing motorcycle enthusiasts the latest industry news, bike reviews, tech help, and gear and travel tips. It targets everyone from touring riders and people learning to ride to people who are simply passionate about riding.  

They publish a print and digital edition of the magazine each month as well as a free online newsletter that includes videos and helpful how-to articles. They even have a women-only online newsletter that focuses on issues relevant to female riders. 

Rider Magazine offers its readers high-quality content across various platforms. They are a passionate bunch of people who share their enthusiasm for the sport and the lifestyle via podcasts and videos that can be viewed on their website at any time. They are accessible, transparent, and frequently publish reader feedback. 

Check them out on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube. 

Motorcycle News

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast from across the pond, Motorcycle News might be the magazine for you. Published in the UK, they’ve been a leading authority on motorcycles since 1955. They provide weekly print publications to subscribers and a regular digital edition. Online newsletters are also available to help riders stay up to date with the latest issues. 

On their online site, Motorcycle News offers riders a secure place to sell their bikes, as well as the latest industry news. They also have an entire advice section that caters to beginners and advanced riders. Here you can learn everything from how to ride a bike to the best places to visit. 

They also have a variety of maintenance and servicing articles that help riders take care of their bikes.

One of the coolest parts of Motorcycle News is their MCN Compare feature. If you’re in the market for a new bike, not only can you find thousands of reviews to help you make your choice, but the MCN Compare feature allows you to get the best instance rates on your bike.

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

The Enthusiast 

Harley Davidson’s motorcycle culture and lifestyle magazine, The Enthusiast, which re-launched in September 2020, approaches the industry through the lens of the Harley Davidson brand. The magazine has a long history, and at one time was one of America’s first motorcycle magazines. 

This magazine has stunning photos and a modern, visually pleasing layout. In addition to profiles with riders and H.O.G. members, the magazine covers exclusive Harley Davidson products and releases, and unique stories from the road. 

The magazine can be read online or via The Enthusiast app, making it readily accessible no matter what mobile device you’re working with. The print edition comes out four times a year and has over 500,000 subscribers in the United States alone. Single issues are also sold at Harley Davidson dealerships and stores for $9.99 each. 

Check them out on Facebook or download the magazine via the App Store or on Google Play.  

American Motorcyclist 

American Motorcyclist is a monthly magazine published through the American Motorcyclist Association. It is circulated exclusively around the U.S. to over 163,000 readers, 100% of whom are subscribers and members of the AMA. 

In order to get access to this magazine, you do need to join the AMA, however, each membership comes with a full-year subscription. 

The magazine comes in print and in a flip-book style online edition accessible via phone or tablet. Their target audience includes road riders, off-road riders, and racers with an average of 26 years of riding experience. 

Learn more about the AMA membership here


Motorcyclists who love touring and travel will likely enjoy RoadRUNNER. Since 2001, they have published 6 issues a year in print and digital formats, covering in-depth touring articles from locations around the world, gear and motorcycle reviews perfect for long, picturesque rides, and more. 

The goal of RoadRUNNER is to provide enthusiasts with beautiful new places to explore on their bikes, as well as be a resource for national and international tours. The magazine features travel stories and special interest sections for vintage bike enthusiasts. They also provide Tankbag Maps, which are tear-out card stock maps.

The images alone are reason enough to subscribe to this magazine. Every page features gorgeous, world-class photos that showcase the natural beauty of our world and embody the adventurous spirit of their readers. 

If individual subscriptions to RoadRunner aren’t something you’re interested in, they also provide free newsletters that have additional travel tips and motorcycle news. 

Check them out on Facebook


Motoress is an online newsletter for the woman motorcycle enthusiast, in business since 1998. They were the first online community for female motorsporters in the world, providing up-to-date news and trends, motorcycle tests, riding techniques, new gear, and more. 

In addition to their newsletter, they have a well-built website that has a ton of resources for female riders. 

They have a news database for individual brands like Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Yamaha, Triumph and more. In addition, Motoress writes about health and fitness for female riders, something I don’t see a lot of in motorcycle publications. 

They also regularly cover International Female Ride Day, giving their readers a place to digitally gather and celebrate their shared passion. 

Subscriptions to the newsletter are free; you simply have to sign up on their website. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter

Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology 

The magazine was founded in the 90s by an award-winning journalist and motorcycle road racer who brought his passion for the sport to print. The entire staff is successful road racers with titles and championships under their belts, and they provide their personal experience and knowledge of the sport in every article. 

Roadracing World is a monthly publication that is ideal for motorcyclists interested in everything racing and riding. It is available in print and digital formats. A full year is only $19.95. 

Check them out on Facebook.

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