Top 7 Best Offroad Racing Blogs & Forums

Blogs and forums provide some of the best information for off-road racing enthusiasts. Plus, they pull together avid members of the off-road racing community, creating a free community filled with like-minded people. 

When we need questions answered fast or simply want to learn more about an event, vehicle, or customization, these best off-road racing blogs/forums can do the trick. If you love off-road racing, you need to check out these sites.

Off Road Xtreme

Off Road Xtreme offers some of the best content for the off-road racing community, hands down, with coverage on virtually any kind of off-roading vehicle. The site is a sub-brand of Power Automedia, which also governs auto-focused publishers like Dragzine and FordMuscle. 

When it comes to complete coverage of off-roading interests, it’s tough to beat Off Road Xtreme. Visitors can quickly locate the kind of blogs and articles they’re looking for, whether that’s event news, product news, installation help, or opinion pieces. The popular Ask the Experts section answers readers’ burning questions using information from industry insiders.

The photos and videos sections help this site stand out from others. Exclusive photo galleries from car shows give readers an up-close look at some of today’s most extreme racers, and videos show everything from expert interviews and industry news coverage to crazy crashes and auto shop tours.

Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. has both a blog and forums dedicated to off-roading news, reviews, stories, and tips. Find articles based on specific types of off-roading vehicles, like ATVs, dirtbikes, and JEEPs, or browse the main page for the latest off-road product and vehicle information.

We never have to go far to learn about the latest trail-rated models of our favorite vehicles on Head to the News & Reviews section to get featured vehicle news with enticing, in-action photos and insider opinions. 

This resource’s best feature is its video blogs—vlogs, for short—that showcase popular off-road racers navigating the most challenging trails. Off-road racing fans will also appreciate its detailed updates on soon-to-release vehicles and in-depth coverage of events across the country. has updated its forums from their older versions. The current forums are still gaining momentum in the contribution department. However, the older forums’ topics remain on the site to browse, offering helpful information for repairs, sponsorships, and coverage of previous races and events. 

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Race Forums

One of the most active racing communities on the web, Race’s forums usually have anywhere from 30 to 80 members online at any given time. It’s easy to jump in, interact with other posters, or get questions answered quickly. While not solely focused on off-road racing, the majority of forum categories target the sport. 

Although you can browse the forums without joining, you’ll need to register for free to start creating posts or responding to others. 

The forums’ layout might look outdated and clunky, but its navigation makes a lot of sense. Race breaks down its posts into racing categories, like duning and desert racing. There’s also a section targeting anything related to repairs, maintenance, or upgrades in its Shop categories. 

Of course, the Whatever forum is always available for anything that doesn’t fit cleanly into another section. 

After using the forums, visitors can head to the main site for off-road racing news, vehicle guides, press releases, shop tours, and more.

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Off-Road Racer

Off-Road Racer is a go-to source for everything from news to features highlighting some of the most popular brands behind off-road racing. Although the site can feel a little messy at first glance, it has abundant information for off-roading fans.

Start with the home page, which has featured stories, like the latest news and event coverage. Then, dig into the navigation links at the top to find blogs and articles targeting specific types of racing, like short course and moto. 

There may not be many of them, but the site’s racer profiles are fun to dig into. These profiles spotlight some of today’s most notable off-road racers with exclusive write-ups and interviews. We also love the Featured Builds section with captivating pictures and detailed write-ups of some of the most exciting vehicles to hit the trails and tracks.

If you’re looking for unique content that you won’t find anywhere else, this is the place to bookmark.

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Subreddit r/Rally

Reddit includes several off-road racing subreddits, but one of its most active and popular is r/Rally. Anyone who loves to chat about rally racing and offroad motorsports of all kinds can join to post their news and event clips or respond to other racers and fans.

If you’re new to Reddit, there will be a slight learning curve when using the platform. However, at its core, it’s similar to other forums you might already use for racing. Ignore the karma and voting system and focus on browsing and posting to make it easier.

Something that Reddit does better than other platforms is it pulls together legit fans who actually want to participate in the subreddits they join. On r/Rally, we read several new posts a day that include behind-the-scenes videos, details of fan upgrades, opinions and analyses, and more. The stuff we find in this sub simply isn’t what we see everywhere else on the web.


First and foremost, Dirtfish is a rally racing school that teaches prospective racers how to handle rally vehicles and navigate dirt tracks and trails. However, the Dirtfish website is also one of the best resources for off-road racers to learn more about their favorite drivers, racing events, and vehicles. 

The homepage features all the latest articles and news, with a few new additions each day. Readers can go right to the Off-Road category to read about the Dakar Rally, Extreme E series, and other off-road events. 

We also appreciate Dirtfish’s dedication to women off-roaders with its Women in Motorsport category. This section reports on women racers and news in a male-dominated sport, giving a focused space for them to share the limelight.

Visitors can also latch onto some Dirtfish-inspired car control techniques without enrolling in its driving school in its Learn section. Find videos and articles from Dirtfish’s rally and off-roading experts for tips on driving in wet weather, gaining maximum traction, and more. 

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Pirate 4×4 Forums

Another one of the best off-road racing blogs/forums is Pirate 4×4 Forums. This online community consists primarily of forums that discuss vehicle brands, technology and upfits, trails, racing regions, and more. However, guests can also find blog-like entries from administrators and members on the main site, which pulls together the latest and featured posts from the forums.

Some forum posts go into so much detail with step-by-step instructions or opinions that we sometimes feel like we’re reading blogs, which is perfect for when we want to dive deep into a topic.  

These forums are super categorized, too, so finding information is simple. Want to check out event information or Toyota-specific vehicles and mechanics? Head straight to those sections to post a new topic or see what members are already talking about. 

We also spend a lot of time in the Classifieds area of the forums. Here, people post deals they find on parts, give away free stuff, or post items they want to sell or buy from other members. It’s a great way to collaborate with the community and get parts or upgrades for an off-road racing vehicle.

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