Top 8 Best Off-Road Racing Magazines

If you love off-road racing, you need to check out these magazines and books. We’ll go through a few select off-road magazines, providing their title, briefly summarizing, and explaining why you should check out these publications if you’re interested in exploring more off-roading. 

So no matter if you’re an expert or novice in off-road racing, there’s something in this list that will fit your tastes! Are you ready to dive into some of the best off-road racing magazines?

Let’s get started!

S&S Off-Road Magazine

S&S Off-Road Magazine is a good choice because they have a VIP list that provides special reader features, and the digital versions are sent to your email monthly. These editions are downloadable, searchable, and free to read. With premium subscriptions and the option of choosing six months or a year, these book versions are in color and enjoyable.

The other inner circle membership allows subscribers to receive the digital versions of S&S Off Road monthly, and five days before the magazine is released to the public. Additionally, these versions are available on Amazon for purchase, as either an entire series or individual copies.

Another fun tidbit is that S&S Off Road encourages you to submit pictures of your vehicle with the possibility it could be featured in the magazine. Many positive testimonials show that this magazine takes the excitement of off-road racing and translates it spectacularly to print. S&S Off-Road has articles, reviews, advertisements, events, and photos entirely centered around off-roading. 


Racer’s website covers IndyCar, IMSA, sports, global, vintage, and off-road cars. Their corresponding magazine has world-class writing and photography, telling stories of racers while paving the way for motorsport coverage. For any car fan, having Racer in your magazine collection is essential.

Racer has multiple offers for subscription, such as combos, print and digital, single issue, or free trial so you can see what they have to offer before committing. Racer prides itself in having old-school printed versions on paper imported from Finland. Even though this magazine is expensive, for passionate off-roading enthusiasts, it’s worth the cost for its endurance and premium quality. 

The articles are current with up-to-date news covering various topics such as highlights of races, how-to articles, and interviews. 

Off-Road Extreme

Off-Road Extreme is the digital leader for news regarding this topic, supplying inside information, truck features, event coverage, technical content, project vehicles, and more. This magazine is a great fit for any off-road fan whether you’re driving an off-road car or just enjoying the adrenaline of racing and want to learn more.

With thousands of email subscribers, Facebook fans, and monthly readers, Off-Road Extreme lives up to the hype. Their magazine has high-quality photos, exciting coverage, reviews of the newest products, and feature trucks.

Off-Road Extreme is published by Power Automedia, which publishes various other titles with a team of enthusiastic journalists who want to deliver the most relevant information on several different platforms. Signing up for their newsletter is free, and afterward, you’ll get new editorials that are quick and easy to read with eye-catching products.

Dirt Comp Magazine

Dirt Comp Magazine, while no longer publishing new magazines, unfortunately, gave a fantastic run from 2006 to 2019. Their 50th and final printed edition covered major off-road events from 2018, featuring cars and new products.

Their website covers blogs with various vehicles, build-ups, reviews, destinations, off-road news, sports, racing, and events. You have the option to keep up with them by registering for their newsletter. Dirt Comp continues to post images to their gallery from current events and includes the participating trucks.

Don’t worry that they’re not publishing anymore because they have a wide variety of past magazines for sale at an affordable price, and the page gives a detailed description of what to expect when reading each edition. 

DirtLife Magazine

DirtLife Magazine is entirely virtual, covering Prerunner features, tech, and articles alongside off-road racing news, teams, and informing the browser of how to install certain parts, such as suspension, shocks, lighting, tires, etc. Off-road racing videos are also on their website, which is easy to navigate with multiple categories.

There is no subscription or fee to access and read their articles. You can follow the creators via social media via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or email them directly with any comments, questions, or concerns. Despite DirtLife Magazine not being as known as the former or as updated (the last published article was in 2020), they have solid articles and entertainment if you’re interested in off-roading.


FourWheeler is a subsection of MotorTrend, a network of Automobile, Truck Trend, Hot Rod, and others. Once you join, there are digital exclusives, hit shows, and live motorsports you can watch ad-free. Furthermore, you’ll stay updated with car news and reviews after submitting your email address. 

Their website had plenty of incentives advertised, such as winning a car if you give away a 1-year gift subscription. FourWheeler covers news about various cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. They have reviewed and nominated a car of the year in addition to comparing and testing various cars. A buyer’s guide is also included to show you their rankings of the best cars.

Featured opinion articles, off-road events, car profiles, auto shows, how-tos, and first drives are only some of the other categories you can find in this broad magazine that has a few subscription options to consider.

Dirt Bike Magazine

As you probably guessed, Dirt Bike Magazine focuses on dirt-biking and is ideal for fans of this subcategory of off-road racing. Each subscription goes for a reasonable price for a year. Being the number one title for 40 years, Dirt Bike Magazine rides and tests all the latest bikes while describing the parts and accessories you can add to upgrade and customize your bike.

Dirt Bike Magazine covers everything in off-road motorcycling, from the various types of bikes to repairing to riding tips to race coverage. Their website has merchandise for sale, and several tabs linking to articles about news, bikes, buyer’s guides, videos, and races. The latest featured article was published this month so you know it’s updated frequently.


Speedway is the number one racing magazine, addressing racing on dirt or pavement. They have an affordable yearly subscription and are strictly available in print. They have 20 years under their belt publishing by the most accomplished and award-winning team of writers who aim to deliver the best coverage.

Speedway also has do-it-yourself articles that show you how to race safer and be faster. 40,000+ readers participate and read this magazine. They promote joining their mailing list, their content geared towards fans of either the big league or local track.

Honorable Mentions

Ivan “Ironman” Stewart’s: Ultimate Off-Road Adventure Guide 

Written by the king of off-road racing, this book is a collection of personal anecdotes, tips, and advice if you’re looking to plan and travel your off-road adventures. Stewart has 35 years of experience on the most remote and rugged terrains. He informs anyone interested in going off-road, whether they are a newbie or veteran, of the proper preparation needed to handle the brutal conditions. 

Even though this book is a guide and doesn’t focus on racing, it would be great for people who want to experience off-roading without the risk or want a recreational experience.

On that note, Tread Magazine contains off-roading vehicles, camp gear, and vehicle parts for risk-taking adventurers who love the outdoors. Subscribing will give you stories, advice, and automotive information for the adventurous lifestyle. 

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