What is the Ford Tremor and What Makes it Awesome?

I am excited for the next generation of Ford off-road technology. The innovation of the world of Ford heavy duty and super duty combined with powerful upgrades is something I think every truck owner should be looking forward to experiencing.

It is becoming a world where I don’t have to choose between features and performance. With more and more quality of life features becoming standard, fellow off-road warriors are more equipped than ever.

Ford’s Tremor package is an excellent option for truck enthusiasts that I would like to break down.

Ford Super Duty with Tremor Package from ford.com
Ford Super Duty with Tremor Package and an ATV in the back. Sales photo credit: Ford.com

What is the Tremor Package on Ford Trucks?

The Ford Tremor package is now an off-road upgrade package first introduced to the Super Duty line of its heavy-duty trucks.

The Ford Super Duty trucks are powerful, having more might than most people would ever reasonably need. The F-250, F-350, and F-450 heavy-duty trucks fall into the Ford Super Duty truck category.

Ford has also released the Tremor package onto other models, including the classic F-150 and midsize Ranger.

The Tremor package has several unique features. 

Upgraded Suspension 

The suspension can be raised by a lift kit that increases the suspension by two inches. The front air dam sits at 5 inches above the typical model, increasing the options for approach angles.

These added features allow the Tremor model to cruise through water up to 33 inches deep.

35-inch Easy or All-terrain Tires

The tires are a set of Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires with 18-inch matte black wheels. The Tremor also adds upgraded shocks.

Four-wheel-drive Transfer Case 

Carried over from the Raptor package, this four-wheel-drive transfer case gives the driver the same off-road control as the Raptor.

The Tremor also adds a rock crawl mode and trail control system like off-road cruise control.

Rear Locking Differential

The front axle is upgraded with a limited-slip differential, and the Tremor also adds a rear locking differential, which ensures the wheels will spin at the same rate.

This upgrade is crucial for off-roading because it will dramatically decrease the chances that someone will spin out or lose traction.

When Did the Ford Tremor Package Come Out?

Originally the Tremor was a street add-on to its 2014 F-150, but being a street vehicle, it was pretty different. The Tremor name was later repurposed for off-road vehicles.

The first off-road Tremor package was introduced at the end of 2019 on its 2020 Super Duty line of Ford trucks.

It later came out as an option for its 2021 F-150 series truck and an option for the mid-sized Ford Ranger.

Tremor vs. Raptor 

The Raptor package Ford offers is similar to the Tremor package because they are both off-road themed packages.

The Raptor has the edge on the Tremor for its high-speed hybrid performance both on the road and during off-road adventures. It also has a unique aesthetic look that sets it apart. While aesthetics can be subjective, I will say it does look very cool.

Because of its hybrid status, the Raptor is optimized for speed and handling, making it a pick for trophy truck hunters and desert racers.

The Tremor has the lion’s share of the advantages, in my opinion, however. 

It is available on more models and different trim levels. It has higher towing and payload weight capacities and is less expensive and overall more efficient in off-roading. The Tremor enables big rig trucks to tow up to 19 tons.

Overall, the Tremor has the Raptor beat in terms of cost, efficiency, and off-road features. The Raptor has its niche, though, and makes a fierce competitor.

Who Would the Tremor be Suitable for?

 I think the Tremor package is ideal for a driver looking for power and convenience. If someone is already looking into the heavy or super-duty line of higher-end new trucks, then the Tremor package will give them more value for their money.

I would recommend the Tremor for someone looking for smooth performance in off-road settings and someone with a significant horsepower hauling need.

Sometimes heavy-duty trucks can feel too big for every off-roading experience, so when choosing which Tremor package to get, it is crucial to keep in mind the different models they come in.

The Tremor is suitable for someone looking for a great all-rounder who prefers midsize or heavy-duty trucks. Its competitor, the Raptor, is simply not as widely available as the Tremor, nor does it have the power to compete in the heavier vehicle category.

How Much is the Ford Tremor?

A Ford Tremor package’s price will depend on the truck installed. Ford’s 2022 Super Duty series currently starts at $38,190, and the 2021 F-150 Tremor begins at $49,505.

Ford has said that the trucks will go on sale during the summer, so I would wait until then to see where the final prices settle.

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